Minimalist logo

Such is the company's iconography, that it can be told in so few bricks!


LEGO Chrome Dinosaur

This is side profile build of the dinosaur that appears when Chrome experiences a problem. Simple, effective, and easy enough for a kid to build...

LEGO Chrome Logo

Let's hope Google see this and use it for their next icon!

Happy Christmas!

From all of us here at LEGO Punk!

Lego Millennium Falcon, at Minifig-scale

The key thing to note, here, is that all of the previous Falcon's where not truly to scale. Either the cockpit couldn't hold the minifigs properly, or the circumstance was reduced to compensate. Here it's been done properly.

And yes, I'm jealous!

BTW, there's 10,000 pieces in there so if you're still wondering what Christmas present to send me, consider this post as a clue...

This is how a magician builds LEGO...

A really simple trick, but very effective, and executed well. Even if I do say so, myself!

Happy Easter!

(Image by Scifio)

Plant pots

For those that think the brown plastic plant pots you can get from the local garden centre are:

1. Too dull
2. Too cheap

You can always spend £50 of LEGO building your own!

Sega arcade machines

It's certainly possible that this will hit its target, Chris McVeigh has already done the stand-up cabinets, so there's definitely interest.


Post office

What's really good about Opabinia's work is that she (he?) manages to cram so much detail into so few bricks.

The post office is just one of many examples.


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