From the same Brickfest event as yesterday's offering,

And nothing to do with the hollywood film.

Although this model is probably a better actor than Rihanna ;)

LEGO Monopoly

While the chance and colour bands are suitably graphic, the stylized iconography might make this too difficult to play without a guide book.

Maybe there should be a LEGO-specific version where Mayfair become NXT, and Park Lane is (original) Mindstorm, for example?

Happy Towel Day - Geek Pride Day

In honour of this wonderful day...

(no affiliation)

Would you like to supersize that?

As you'd expect from the stereotype, an American builder has built a life-size American hot dog.

If I'm to make any complaint is that's the mustard pattern is a little too regular... now there's a sentance I never thought I'd utter!


It's how I roll...

So, not so much a burger as a hot dog roll, but the same ideas are there.

Do you want fries and cola with that?

Another take on the food of Kings - the beef burger :)


Food, glorious food

I actually like the cleverness of the chips in this model. But the burger itself does remind me more of the food I get served in most places... too much lettuce, too much tomato, too much garnish, and not enough burger...


Trek ships

Following on the theme of micro LEGO, and space, here's the most famous fictional starships from the Star Trek universe.

The use of a small dish as the ships saucer section was kinda expected, though.


Space... the fina

I like to think that everyone remembers the space sets from the 80's. Well, the iconic grey and blue, with yellow windows is a colour scheme that is still isntantly recognisable. So how quaint it is to see the same style modelling in micro...


Mos Eisley

We've done big things on the LEGO Punk before. And we've done little things. And even done Mos Eisley, before.

But this is the first time I've found a truly mini version of it. Or perhaps I should say 'micro' version of it.

Like the colours of the Google logo, you don't need much more to intimate the meaning.



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