Steampunk LEGO Stars Wars Tie Fighter

Could you combine more awesome words into a single sentance? I doubt it ;)


Did you spot the goggles?

Again, lots of brown, lots of attention to detail.


Steampunk bike

It's been tempting, since I started this blog, to introduce the namesaked Stream punk element to our LEGO creations. This is the first. Simple, and direct, as matches my mood at the moment.


Simple and elegant, just like these things should be.


More space ships

But this one has never existed in real-life. And knowing how much CGI some directors like, it's likely it never existed as a model either.

Nonetheless, the size of this model is quite impressive. (Even if the photographic quality isn't!)

Space shuttle diarama

How levels of awesome are this picture?

The model even has flashing lights et al to simulate launch.


So where's Fry and Bender?

It's the start of LEGO diarama week :)

Yes it's LEGO.

Yes it's Star Wars.

And the sheer scale of the model, with all the minifigs so astutely placed is a great way to start the week.

There's a lot of more details shots here:

LEGO Jigsaw

Finally! Someone has found a way of making the LEGO mosiacs a bit more, well, interactive.

And their solution is to make a jigsaw. If you want to see what it becomes, click the link below. (I've had to shorten it, to hide the reveal, you have my word that you won't get rickrolled!)



Who's going to be the first to cut this up into a TTF for me?



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