D 'n' A - DNA - geddit?

Other random facts: what most people call a spiral staircase is actually a helical staircase, since the circles don't become tighter. (The perspective only makes it look like it does.)


Sunday silliness

I would have posted this on Sunday... but I was busy running London, myself :)

So you can have the Sunday silliness today. On Tuesday.

Happy Birthday to the ZX Spectrum

More information about the anniversary at http://www.Spectum30.com

Original image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/arsgames/5639663235/

Hello to bacon-loving devs!

Thank you to everyone who attending my talk today. It was incredible :) You laughed in the right places, you applauded at the right times, and it made me feel very special indeed!

Those who were there now know the secret of this weeks postings, and now it's time to dilvuge it to the rest of you - LEGO GTA!


LEGO Photography rig

I've always found photographing LEGO models hard; those shiny bits of plastic reflecting stray lights, the unifomity of colour, the limited depth of field, and so on.

On Sunday, I tried this approach, which worked quiet well. I mounted the camera on the tripod looking straight down onto a stretched canvas (usually reserved for paintings), and placed the models directly underneath. I also went out at midday to get a constant ambient light source, and minimize shadows from the sun.

The photographs you've seen this week are the results of that rig.

More curious LEGO

This image has several distinct things in it. Each related. With a couple being not quite as they seem.

Have you worked it out yet?

A helicopter

So what's with the over-pronounced shadow? The base plates on either side of it? And those suspicious 5 railway sleepers?

All will be revealed later, but I'll leave you speculate for a while.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Today, and every day this week, I'll be releasing one image from a set. I'm not saying what the set is about. Nor, why it's here. But on Friday, there's be an unspecial announcement concerning it! (It coincides with my talk at Devs Love Bacon, but it's unrelated.)

The first image is this.

I'm sure I can muster some sort of prize if you can work out exactly what's going on.

LEGO Apple

A good example of how you can manipulate the 'standard' spherical model, to create a real world (curved) object.

Happily, the builder decided to not go Apply fan boi on it...


LEGO Coffee Mug

Well, that's what the creator said of it.

I personally think it's more of a mug _holder_. But what do I know...

Maybe I need more caffeine to wake myself up and understand it properly :)



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