Bubble gum machine

It's a gentle start to the week, this week, and so here's one of many LEGO-built sweet machines you can find around teh interwebz. This gets my pick of the day simply because the build took some effort to find matching bricks for the housing! And because there's a coin slot which (sorta) works. It's not a complex mechanism, but it provides a elementary level of security.

Of course, nothing stops you from taking the top off.

Mmmmm... maybe they should combine it with a puzzle box!


Astronaut sculpture

The astronaut is just one of several large LEGO sculptures, featured on the page below. Since this week has had a (slight) space theme, it seemed only right to end it with this.



LEGO In Space

Building a model of the International Space Station is kinda cool.

Building a model of the International Space Station, whilst _on_ the International Space Station is very cool.


There's, there's probably only one person who'll have lay claim to doing so, but at least he's captured here.


So, in what is apparently blatent cross-self-promotion, todays LEGO figurines are brewers. This is solely because my book on beer (http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-British-Beer-Book/dp/B004SV2EVA since you asked :) got to Number One, in the Amazon ebook charts, in the section on beer. To you it might be a minor achievement! But to me, it means another £1.53 in royalties that I can now spend on. Er. Beer.


Difficult question that: beer or LEGO? Beer or LEGO?


Darth Vader - Life size

I wasn't expecting to do anything so corporate as LEGO Star Wars[0], but I was impressed by the complexity of detail that shows up in this pic. When you have an all black model, trying to show texture is difficult. The picture could be sharper, granted, but it gives a good idea of the model.


[0] two massive corporate, un-punk, entities, formed into a third similar corporate entity!


R2D2 - Remote control

With all those meta tags, you know this is going to be good. And with a Star Wars connection, I'm sure of lots of extra visitors :)

In truth, I'm more impressed by the model, than the robotic element. It must be a heavy model, so it moves far to slowly to be impressive, but this is offset by the attention to detail and rather accurate ratios.

Also, there was an RC-R2D2 with inbuilt DVD player I saw many years ago. Maybe that's his next step...


Storage boxes

In honour of Luke, my friend and colleague, moving house today I've decided to suggest some storage boxes to help with the process. Shaped like LEGO, naturally.

Although, if he hasn't fully packed by this time, he's got bigger problems afoot!



Carry case

Very corporate, but it reminds me of the Darth Vader carry case you used to be able to get to hold your Star Wars figures. (Although I could never afford one.) This looks like it should be suitable to transport a (small) amount of LEGO


Also, note the suitcases in the background!


Minifig mould

If bricks aren't your thing, then you can always create an ice cube/jelly/chocolate shaped like the LEGO mini-fig.

I prefer this one. But only because it's bigger!


It must be jelly...

...because jam don't shake like that!

And yes - these bricks are made from jelly. Using a similar mould to the chocolate from yesterday, no doubt. I wonder if there's any other food stuffs that can be shaped from moulds like this?



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