Film Processing

Automation is good, but modern.

Film photography is good, by old.

So here's someone that's combined the two, to handle film processing.

LEGO Ukulele - and yes, it plays

This one gives me (and by extension, you) more confidence that it really plays... there's an MP3 on the page, and Mr Brickley talks about how he ensured the neck had enough strength to hold the tension, and which alternate tunings were necessary to do it. I particularly like the tuning head, which is why I've featured it here, but the body itself is worth checking on the page:

LEGO Guitar - and it's playable

You'll have to take my word for the fact that these guitars actually work. Or rather, the word of the internet, since the original videos have since disappeared. I have some personal doubts that the neck is strong enough to take the tension of the strings, but I'm open minded...


This instrument, from the Arvo brothers, is apparently playable. Nice one!

Build in the bag - 30010

It's not big, but it's very clever. In short - there's a series of LEGO builders who have taken to building (small) models, whilst they're still in the bag they came in!

Here's an example of it being done with 30010, Fire Chief.

The Power of Imagination

What I built. And what I see.
Two different shapes.
One for you. One for me.

Making, without making

Why spend time building a model of a flag, when you can simply tip all your bricks out into a pile, and watch as a design appears as if by magic...

...ok, I think they planed this! But it shows how you can think differently when it comes to LEGO.


More flags

Here we focus on the small, and many.

Very simple to make, so perhaps this is the guide to follow with your kids to teach them Geography.


The vexed of vexology might enjoy this flag more - Canada - created as a mosaic of flowers. A nice change...



The first flag built by Brian Scott of Bonanza Educational. The second is the Arizona Centennial Flag consisting of 114,006 LEGO bricks - a number which coincidentally is the number of square miles in Arizona.


Why ask me? I'm not Google!



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