LEGO (working) machine gun

So, it's nearly Christmas. What sort of loving, family-oriented, honest LEGO punk creation should I share today?


A machine gun... to mow down the hoards of retarded shoppers anti-socially barging me out of the way as they rush down the high street to buy presents they weren't smart enough to get last month. (What? Was Christmas a surprise to you people? It's been the same time every year for about 2011 years, surely you've had ample warning to buy your presents ahead of time?)


Anyway, watch and enjoy. The plans are also linked from the video.


Is it a bird...

After spotting the Superman crest on Makezine today, I thought I'd build one from LEGO.

It turns out, it's been done:

Aren't there any new ideas left out there..?


Oh Deer - it's LEGO taxidermy

Another friend, Luke, has pointed me to this rather natty piece.

All "normal" bricks, except for the antlers that require the Prince of Persia set. Another really good example, of how to be creative with standard bricks, and not the large chunky "one brick=one model" variety.

Barad-dûr in 50,000 pieces

LEGO Ship in Bottle

I am a big fan of impossible objects. I've even made my own. But I've never made anything impossible with LEGO.

But Julia has!

Keylight chain

Granted, a little more corporate than usual, but the first shot of this I saw had the minifig lying down on his stomach, with a screwdriving opening a panel in his back for the battery. That was enough to warrant its inclusion.

LEGO Pizza

LEGO Gameboy

This is simple enough, but cute.

Also, given the size of the original Gameboy (versus its size now a days) you could probably fit all the current electronics inside a LEGO case of the original Gameboy without a problem.


LEGO Minecraft set - Could it be true?

From LEGO:

BILLUND, Denmark – A project backed by Minecraft developer Mojang has become the first user-sponsored project to reach the 10,000 vote threshold on the new global version of LEGO® CUUSOO, opening the way for a LEGO set featuring Minecraft to become a reality.

It took the project only 48 hours to gather votes from 10,000 fans of the project from around the world.

Bendable LEGO, part 2

Many of you will remember the previous case we demonstrated on here, regarding the subtle bends available to the LEGO builder.

Well, for those less adventurous, there's an instructable on making these rather sweet curved triangles.

(ignore the trolling on Euclidean geometry, though!)


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