Wrapping up warm, dear mini-fig

I remember when I used to take the mickey out of people who knitted coats for their dogs...

.. oh yes, I did it yesterday.

I suppose I should start calling myself 'pot' or 'kettle', then!

Map of Europe

Recently, I've given up posting new things on a Sunday since no one else is around at their computers geeking out on LEGO.


1. This isn't new
2. This needs all of Sunday to appreciate

The size and amount of detail in this piece is staggering. It's one of those projects you _know_ will be cool, but just lack the time and money to pull off.

So I'm glad these guys did it on my/yours/our behalf!



33 - All the trees (geddit)

Over the last few weeks I've watched the LEGO Christmas tree being built in St Pancras station, London. Every day, I've watched the staff add another (pre-built, alas) branch to the internal metal scaffold. Now it's complete, you might care to review its progress.

Christmas Tree Complete

LEGO Book... literally!

Instead of being simply a LEGO book jacket, this one is functional.



Lego stop motion

How does anyone find the time to be this cool?

Soylent Green is... no... wait...

I have but one more photograph of that damn tree to come! But in the mean time, let's change track entirely for a picture that has nothing to do with anything. It's simply a collection of minifigs on a board.

From http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeshlabotnik/305410323/


Rubiks Cube solver

We're taking a break from the Christmas stuff (heck - it's still November!) for a(nother) Rubiks cube solver. What's so special about this is that it is completely self-contained! Notably, the lack of mobile phone to do the processing, on which most seem to rely. Check it out!



And now they add baubles...


Tree nearly done

It was also the first time I saw builder actually placing bricks, instead of just adding pre-made branches.


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