More tree

I finally managed to pass by when they were 'building it'.

As you can see, they've already built the tree off-site, and "just" plugging the bits into the metal frame.

St Pancras Tree

It looks like I'm going to be playing catch-up with the photos, as they've made great progress over the last couple of days.

Day 2 1/2


Day 2

Getting there..


St Pancras building

Can you tell what it is yet?

This is currently being build on the concourse at St Pancras station in London, England.


Angry Birds

And they're even in LEGO. This incredibly popular and pervasive game seems to get everywhere...

...and I haven't yet played it. (But I did play 'Crush the Castle', does that count? ;)

Movie scene recreations

A cute set of movie remakes, by 21-year old artist Alex Eylar.

What set this demonstrates is that the photography is as equally important to the feel of the model, and the building. Possibly more so. Consider the focus depth on the Harry Potter image, for example. That would never work as well, should the whole image be crisp.


Welcome to my friends from Instructables!

I have finally made it onto the front page of with my LEGO Menger Sponge.

I'm especially proud of that model, featured here many moons ago, because it's one of my own, and not one I discovered online.

So here it is, for a final showing!

Bendable LEGO!?

By (ab)using the small amount of play within each brick, Jeff has created this - and other - masterpieces.

I had truly not considered adopting this approach in any of my work, so I doff my cap in his general direction.

And now it's finished...

The part done image I posted a few days ago has finally been finished, and this is the (magnificent) result.



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