Consol Energy Center

Other than the LEGO spaceships (which also had blue bricks, and yellow windows), are there any models which are as grey as this?


Art, with a capital A

Via Laurence. From Dick Benard. Photographed by Peter Calicher. Drawn by someone else with the tag "Ongelooflijk, gewoon straattekeningen!!"

All I understand is how cool it must have been to see it.


Still missing you, mistress...



LEGO Teddy Beer

All teddy bears are cute. It's official.

Except, it seems LEGO teddy bears. After an extensive search, this was the only one I considered good enough to warrant a place here.


LEGO Sniper Rifle

But not just any sniper rifle. This one is from computer uber-game, Halo.

LEGO Chair

It is with memories of Mondrian that I present someones attempt at using the colouring to build a chair. A small chair, granted, but one that looks usable at any rate.

If you want to click on "price on application", then visit:

Otherwise, how much do you think the bricks (alone) would cost? It's not like any of us couldn't make it...

Menger Sponge (revisited)

It looks like one of our previous articles ( was featured on the home page of Instructables... alas, I wasn't quick enough to see it, before it was usurped by something else.

Did anyone catch it?


Mini scaled computer

I really like the small scale LEGO models. The inventedness and elegance of how a couple of bricks can be transformed into something so uniquely difference is a beauty to behold.

(My, that was a pretenous sentance!)

Let's just say, instead, that this computer is kinda cute.

(source material, which has nothing to do with LEGO, alas)


LEGO Doorstop

Mother is the necessity of invention. Necessity is that of a door stop. And the invention is in LEGO.

(Thus the title!)

Two Towers

Two Towers (geddit?)

So, yesterday I said I didn't like towers. Well, that's not _exactly_ what I said, but the gist was there. I suppose a more accurate reading of it is that I don't like towers that exist for the sole reason of being tall. That's a simple case of "who has the most money"! The science of building towers is pretty well understood (architects have been doing it for years!) so I could build the worlds tallest LEGO tower with enough for bricks, and the day or so to read up on the theory.


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