LEGO Destruction

  • So, the model is uninspiring
  • Besides, I don't like towers very much
  • Using a single red colour is too unimaginative for LEGO builders
  • And the rooms decor leaves a bit to be desired


...anyone who's prepared the build something for the sole purpose of destroying it, deserves props. And a space here...

It sure beats all those physics demos you get in computer games!

LEGO Chess set

Probably the best chess set, ever. Bar none! The stylistic pieces, traditional 6-color LEGO pieces, the board, and superb attention to detail make this one of my favourite things ever. Officially!

Almost as amazing as the chess set made from money. Really - it does exist...

Other pictures of the LEGO set available here:



What else is there to say? Escape mega-thanks to Lauren (aka Loppi) for posting this on Flavia's Facebook wall.


LEGO Cakes

My, what a bumper selection of LEGO-oriented goodness have we today. Cakes. And lots of them. This site has done the hard work of collating many
pics into one (graphics heavy) page.

So, how many Star Wars references do you think "Luke" will get in his lifetime?

Did Aidan get 2 cakes on his 6th birthday?

Is it disturbing that all the cakes with ages on are, er, youngsters?


LEGO Mondrian

When it comes to replicating art in LEGO, there is no "simpler" movement to follow than that of De Stijl. Known also as neoplasticism, this was a Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917. It's most well-known exponent is Piet Mondrian, who's work lives on as inspiration for so many products and pastiches that's it's impact can not be under-estimated.

The style basically involves having no symmetries, and uses only the primary colours (red, green, and blue) and values (white,black, and gray) and so is intriguing as well as strangely beautiful.

LEGO Recharger and key ring

This is one of those life hacks that never gets old. In fact, each time I see it I wonder what else should be hung up in this way. Maybe the use of technic spindles could hold note paper? Or a small tray at the bottom to hold loose change? Or an in/out indicator for the doctor's surgery.

For Dennis...

Dice Bomb - Magic Trick

As magician, in addition to my AFOL duties, it is rare for me to post LEGO-oriented magic that I haven't created myself. But @Leclericshow has been doing a trick a day to coax viewers to his channel. So for persistence, at least, we should give him a slot here!

Fast forward for 4'10 to ignore the preamble, and just see the trick...


Soylent green is people!

So I have no idea who Nathan Sawaya and Courtney Simmons are. But I suspect they have the $65,000 necessary to pay for these sculptures of themselves. I think they're quite nice models, made interesting by the fact that they're normal people. That is to say, they're not cartoons or super-heros, or have any stylistic quirks that invented characters have.

LEGO Cutlery

These are, unfortunately, corporate renderings, but a simple enough idea that I hope will inspire some independent creations for the forthcoming weeks.

There are also LEGO ice cube trays that need a 'punk' makeover, I feel.


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