There - I fixed it!

So, if there's a cave, piece of rock, granite, or other piece of stonework that's in need of some care and attention - how do you secure it?

With LEGO?

If you know the original source of the material, please let me know so I can formally credit it. All I can currently say is thanks to Laurence for pointing it out!


G1 Optimus Prime

Computer geek, metaller, and erstwhile drinking buddy, Shane reminded me of this LEGO transformer, which actually transforms.

Like all the best models, it derives it elegance from great power whilst using so few bricks. I also love the word 'legoformer' used to describe it. A stop-motion video would have been the only way to improve it. Maybe I should make one...

LEGO Drinks dispenser

Getting LEGO to dispense drinks is a tricky problem because, despite the pneumatic sets, there aren't any really decent pumps available. There's a few attempts online, but they all suffer the same problem involving a small trickle of water. This solution uses the correct tool for the job - a real pump - and mindstorms for the basic sensing and switching components. Problem solved!


LEGO Earrings

I know cufflinks are the easier LEGO fashion accessories to make, which is why these ear rings are the winners of today's LEGO Punk feature.

Although I don't have pierced ears, and I've yet to have a girlfriend that would wear them, but apart from that - I love them! :)

LEGO Victorian

For those that think LEGO is all primary colours and kids toys, just look at this.

It's the sort of the LEGO models you'd expect Tim Burton to be making with his kid...


LEGO Record Player

I don't think the site below is the originator of this hack, but it's where I found the image. I remember seeing the record player a while back and thinking that's pretty simple - it's just a motor. But after seeing the film projector, my appreciation has grown.

True, it's just about finding the correct gearing, but the use of a paper cone to amplify the sound is a nice, low-tech, touch which fits in with the rest of the model. Maybe there's scope in an alternate design whereby an elastic band drives the turntable to give it a true 'wind-up gramophone' vibe.

Lego Antikythera Mechanism

There's probably not maqny of you that haven't seen this, but for those new to the field, sleeping under a rock, or holidaying on Saturn, here is one the smartest clockwork devices ever.

Heck - it was smart when the original was created 2000 years ago, and is just as smart when built from LEGO using completely different gear sizes.


A LEGO Disguise?

The route of discovery isn't always a straight line journey. Take the image above, for example.

I was checking the Google analytics numbers for my day job, and took a couple of moments to check the stats for Apparently there's been a 1,560% increase in traffic. This led me to the traffic sources, which took me to Flickr. Which took me to my image of the logo. Which had a 'added as favourite' tag. Which led me to the person who tagged it, Powerpig, Which led me to his page. Which led me to today's image.

Photographs re-imagined

This image might look familar to LEGOPunk readers, but rest assured it isn't a dupe! It is a different remaking of the famous 'lunch break' photograph, but to my mind is a better rendition to the one I posted a while back. (Sorry!)


LEGO Desk Drawer

I currently have no source for this image - it came from Luke, who got it from Reddit, who may also have got it from jokeradar. and so on. For all I know, it might be a student mock-up in photoshop of their final year project. Either way, it's worthy of inclusion here.

And if you see one for sale, please let me know!


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