LEGO Tube Map

And by 'tube', I meant 'London Underground', of course. The best city in the world... suffering the worst transport problems in the developed world. (If you want to know how awful it is, just consider the train drivers who - while accepting a job that earns them significantly above average wage - decide to go on strike for more money.)

LEGO Filter Tip Plotter

So, it's a little old, and there's still the debate if it's closer to a printer than a plotter, but it's always nice to watch LEGO doing something. In this case, it's the line-by-line printing a basic bitmap. There's not much else to say, other that to direct you to watch the video at:

(but turn the sound down!)

LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector

So, from a certain point of view, a film projector is just a motor and a lens; you pull a reel of film past a lens (with a light behind it) and basic optics does the rest.

From my point of view, a film projector is a piece of precision enginerring that must maintain a constant speed and force, feeding film through pulleys and over capstans as to not excert undue force on the (fragile) film stock.

LEGO Persistence of Vision

The human visual system has many interesting quirks. One of the best known is that of 'Persistence of vision'. This is where you're still able to see something in a given position, even though it's no longer there. TV and films rely on this to create the illusion of continuous motion, even though it's a series of still images. This wand uses the same idea, by moving the LEDs across your field of view they appear to build a floating image in the air. You can reprogram the image to be anything you like.


So, when you've made everything out of LEGO, what else is there to make? Why LEGO, of course!

A direct way of meta-LEGO building!

LEGO Playing Cards

I'm no expert, but these cards look rather faked (and I'm not sure whether some of those pieces even exist) but I still like the idea.
(warning, slow site!)

Google Calendar

By accident I discovered that LEGO do a re-buildable calendar. This is, itself, a good idea. Each month, you get to rebuild the calendar learning a little bit about the lunar cycles, days in the month, and so on. Alas, the 'punk' ethic of the site prohibits me from linking to anything corporate. So instead, I had a Google for LEGO Calendar.

And got a Google LEGO Calendar.

Mathematical LEGO Sculptures

This image is just one of several on that features intruiging shapes from the world of maths. The one above is a costa surface, chosen in honour of my friend Barbara who (single-handedly) is keeping that particular coffee chain in business!

Simple Portrait

Sometimes you see something and think "that'll make a quick hack". This week it was the turn of Andrea's portrait. Now, I have no idea who he (she?) is, but they're a friend-of-a-friend on Facebook. And their profile picture is an 8-bit graphic. And 8-bit graphics just scream "make me in LEGO". So I did.

I haven't yet heard back to know whether they find it stalker-ish, weird, or enjoyable.

I hope it's the latter.



There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. There are also more things made from LEGO than you'd ever dreamt were possible.

Or sane.

So when I thought of making a QR code out of LEGO I truly believed I had come up with something too amazing to fit inside a dream.

Alas, Google informed that I wasn't alone.



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