Lego Menger Sponge

According to Wiki, "In mathematics, the Menger sponge is a fractal curve. It is a universal curve, in that it has topological dimension one, and any other curve (more precisely: any compact metric space of topological dimension 1) is homeomorphic to some subset of it. It is sometimes called the Menger-Sierpinski sponge or the Sierpinski sponge. It is a three-dimensional extension of the Cantor set and Sierpinski carpet. It was first described by Karl Menger (1926) while exploring the concept of topological dimension."

Classic Photos in LEGO

It feels like a lack of inspiration, as I can't think of anything to write here, except to copy the title, and the best (IMO) of the images from this page:


Home sweet home

The James May series "Toy Stories" was on TV (again) recently. It's an enjoyable series, and proof that petrol heads aren't obnoxious-testosterone fuelled numpties compensating for bedroom inadequacies. (Even though that description could be applied to one of his co-presenters ;) In one of the episodes they build a house. Out of LEGO. For real.

Boardroom table

What has 22,742 pieces, is 4'x9', and made of plastic? Well, since you're on a LEGO site, and the subject says "table" in it, then you've probably already realized it's a table.

A boardroom table.

Minifig costume

It's not things made from LEGO that we celebrate here, it can be things made from junk that look like LEGO, and here's just one example. Cosplay - LEGO style!

There's several of these models around, and most have build instructions, but this was one that seemed easy enough to tempt me to make it. Especially the ideas or the head, the roundedness always looked like it would cause problems untill I saw this.

Life-size Star Wars characters

Ok - so I know this is a few years old now. And I know it's the second Star Wars-related posted in a week. But there's something about full-scale LEGO models that has to be admired.

Granted, this one is little more professionally than we like on 'LEGO Punk' but it's inspirational none the less.


If you're reading the URL, you already know what's coming. Basically (and I used that term advisedly; there's nothing basic about this model) it's a fully working version of the beloved CGi robot. The arms and head retract. It moves around. And looks cute.

After seeing this, I know we're another step closing to building a LEGO report capable of fetching us a beer from the fridge :)

Aluminium keyring

While there are lots of official LEGO keyrings around (most involving a minifig and a 5p chain), the ones made by the public are generally much more interesting. This one, made from aluminium, especially.

I have thought about making a mould from to make something similar. Possibly from solder. Has anyone tried it?

Docking bay 94

In a word, "Wow!"

While most of us might consider building a small version of the Millennium Falcon about the size of your palm, here we have the whole thing. And the rest of Mos Eisley, to boot.

The attention to detail is fantastic, and if I ever get around to remaking the Star Wars saga in LEGO, this is the first chap I'm going to track down!


Escher's "Waterfall" in LEGO

From the outside, I'd just like to point out that the image has been doctored slightly. That doesn't make it any less impressive, in my mind. After all, magicians employ tricks all the time, which don't make the feats any less impressive or entertaining.

So what is "Waterfall"? And who is Escher?


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