Full Harpsichord, that plays


Oh, yeah - really!

Henry Lim has done some masterful LEGO work in the past, but this opus is his most unbelievable. Two years in the making, and fully playable (MP3 available on the link) this is one of best instruments you'll probably ever see made from LEGO.


USB Stick

While the idea of enclosing a USB memory stick (aka pen drive) inside a LEGO brick isn't exactly new, this instructable,


is worthy of inclusion due to the amount of people who were subsequently encouraged to build their own. Therefore, it's worth reading for the comments, as well as the article. Lots of other pics, there.

Rubik Cube Solver

So, there are a number of Rubik cube solves around - some fake, some not - but this is one of my favourite. The elegance of the robots design indicates how simple the cube really is, since it only ever needs to rotate a single slice. The trick then becomes how to position the appropriate slice at the bottom, a much simpler task in robotics.


The victory roll at the end, is also a nice touch.

Welcome to LEGO Punk

So this is it!

First there was cyberpunk. Then steampunk. And now LEGO Punk!

This blog will collect all the cool, funky, odd and weird things that have been made from LEGO. From portraits and sculptures, to keyrings, robots and office furniture. If it's made from (or is about) LEGO, and makes me smile and nod my head with approval, then it is accepted. Suggestions and links should be sent to me here at thelegopunk@gmail.com



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