Unions unite

Regardless of whether the vote went your way, the people have spoken. And were allowed to speak.

Many countries do not get this luxury.


LEGO Flappy Bird

Although it's been featured here before, this is _very_ slightly different and, more importantly, has an instructable.


While it might not appear the most complex model (and it isn't!), there are a couple of tricks to demonstrate how the edges work, since its a vertical column of isolated bricks, with no way to support them! (Really - check out the three black pieces on the left hand edge!)

LEGO Tablet Holder

To quote the instructable, "This is a simple LEGO model to fasten a tablet to the side of a bedside cabinet - as shown here - to help you live in the future as soon as possible!"

And that it does. The future is here!


VR Headset

This is one of those projects that gets (and deserves?!?!) web time for its audacity.

It's basically a box to hold two lenses and a mobile phone. However, because it's LEGO, I'm obliged to pimp it out!

And why not...


Making a sphere

For those that like to build from LCAD designs, here's a handy online utility that designs a sphere for you, with whatever parameters you ask for. While it's not the type of sphere I build (http://www.legopunk.com/?q=node/117) it may be useful to others - so I'm sharing the joy!


LEGO Firewalk (with me?)

So a Bull Moose’s South Portland store has this walk across LEGO, to tempt kids into a discounted version of the movie. Now I know several men (and quiet a few women) that would crawl over broken glass to get to a naked Christina Hendricks, but that's nothing compared to the pain of stepping on a LEGO brick, or two!

Furthermore, this is promotion done right, since the manager took little of the credit for the work, and even mentioned the art of the store worker (Katrina Vaughan) who made the LEGO cutouts of the characters Unikitty, Emmet and Benny.

LEGO CNN Tower (part 3)

Following the theme for the week - another model of the tower. This time, in a micro version...

The question is, how small can you make a model before it is recognizable only by association?

LEGO CNN Tower (part 2)

Following on from yesterday's monumental structure, here's another that's equally as wonderful....

...something J. Random. Kid built. Just because. And just because he had some bricks. His model to him, is as wonderful as yesterday's was to its creator. I don't think anything should diminish his achievement.


This iconic tower has built in LEGO many times, but probably never as large. You can spot the scale by the person on the balcony above.

Also of intrigue is the way the rigid tower shape fixes to the rounded viewing station near the top.

Happy Easter!

I can't remember what this holiday season is about...

Bunny rabbit
Traffic jams and bus replacement services

It should, at least, include LEGO!



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