Real-life Harry Potter Robotic Chess Set

Every word in the title is correct - including 'robotic', since the pieces contains motors and are remotely controlled by the computer.

This is w00t on an epic scale.

LEGO Recharge Station

I'm a comparatively light user of portable electronics - I have one DSLR, one iPod, and one mobile. Still, that's three things I have to remember to keep charged and ready. So, I build this recharge station! It is functional, compact, and acts a visual remind of what hasn't been charged yet.

3D Printer

Here's a cool project, as per the title, which functions as a 3D printer, using hot glue as the substrate.

What's nice is that it's so genuine... using any and every colour brick that Matt had to hand.

Nice work!


Dystopia in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

A city scape which, in contrast to LEGOs traditional colour schema, is subdued and dystopian.

Which is why it's on this site!


As the bad (and oft-used) pun says, this is about a leg. In LEGO.

As the URL says, a girl has built herself a prosthetic leg, using LEGO. An epic build, from an epically determined woman.


LEGO Jukebox

This looks like a true 'punk' project.

* Use of whatever LEGO is available. (i.e. lots of different colours)
* Hacking with non-LEGO components where necessary
* Inclusion of hardware and software elements
* Completely pointless end result ;)

But we love it, anyway!

South-facing chariot, another pic

...just because!

South-facing chariot, the workings

It all works using a differential gear.

If the two wheels turn in the same direction, and at the same speed, the differential doesn't move, and the point stays facing the same way. However, if the wheels move at different speeds, then the gear unit moves at a rate which is equal to the difference in speeds of the two wheels - this is then translated into a rotation for the pointer.

South-facing chariot

This is a model of an ancient vehicle that would always point home. No matter where it went, the arrow on the top would always direct you home. It does this by purely mechanical means, without a compass, maps, or GPS :)

You can probably guess the mechanism from the picture. If not, I'll show you a close up tomorrow...

X-Wing - Full-size

Once you've got over the shock of the size of this thing (5,335,200 bricks) you mind begins to wander and think about the transportation, the break-down, the internal structure, and so on.

It's also inspired that he decide to build a large version of the LEGO model, and not the design of the original X-wing.


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