X-Wing - Full-size

Once you've got over the shock of the size of this thing (5,335,200 bricks) you mind begins to wander and think about the transportation, the break-down, the internal structure, and so on.

It's also inspired that he decide to build a large version of the LEGO model, and not the design of the original X-wing.

Helms Deep

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I've been away running the Edinburgh marathon (4'16'56... since you asked!) so I return with this 'little' post from



Robotic hand

A rather funky combination of LEGO here, being useful in creating a prosthetic.

Unfortunately, all I can imagine is a world of LEGO-based Terminators...


Bletchley Park

A very simple model, but a very special place.


This is the last of the Babylon stations...

An epic TV show. An epic colour scheme for the model ;)



LEGO Caterham

Elegance and eloquence, together in one model.


Gear Guide

Here's a handy reminder image for the relative sizes of various gears.

I used it in the model I shall show on Monday. Unfortunately, I don't have the gears necessary to make my model 100% accurate :(

But that's no the fault of a PNG... obviously.

Casino Royale Movie

When it comes to re-creating classic movies, Star Wars is the obvious one that springs to mind. Which makes it more interesting/impressive/strange that someone would go for the Bond film, Casino Royale.

At least their effort wasn't wasted on something like Die Another Day...



Mmmm... LEGO apparel is one thing. A LEGO hat is... well.. weird...

I think the only reason models are pretty is distract from the fact that the clothes are BAD!

(even LEGO ones, sometimes..)


Phoning home - LEGO Punk, before LEGO Punk

Back in 1989, apparently, there were punks. And LEGO punks, who made this working telephone.

Personally, I can't see how the buttons were connected and made to work. But they're resting on the keys below, then it should work.



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