Although not LEGO (and not strictly 'punk', since it's a commercial venture) I do like these crayons. Yes, crayons. Working, drawable, crayons.

The number of possible models is rather limited, but at least there's one suggestion on the back of the box:

LEGO calendar

The simple image above belies the fact that this camera has some amusing tech behind it. Namely, that there's some code hidden away which accepts an email of a photograph of the calendar, processes it, and converts it into calls that update their Google calendar.

Why couldn't they have a webcam hooked up to watch it, though?

LEGO Rover

If you don't have enough money to buy Mindstorms, then take heart... and take an Arduino out of its box, instead!

This project uses an Arduino and a couple of standard controllers to give you a cheap version of a Mindstorms robot.

Brick-by-brick : Building a tractor

Here's an epic LEGO stop-motion film - even if I do say so myself!

Instead of the usual '1 frame per second' you get with the speed builds, et al, these images were taken manually - one picture for every new brick added. And since there's just over 350 pieces to make this model, that means there's 350+ pictures taken.

Well.... it was a bank holiday... what did you expect people to do? See family?

Mr LEGO Crane

Ok, so that's not his real name, but user 'babasorhum' over on brickshelf seems to have an (un)healthy obsession with them :)

I found this because I was looking for design ideas to build my own crane, in an attempt to impress a friend of mine. Sadly, anything I could build wouldn't compete with this so I conceding a graceful defeat, and decide to show off his work instead!

Nice work :)


Real-life Harry Potter Robotic Chess Set

Every word in the title is correct - including 'robotic', since the pieces contains motors and are remotely controlled by the computer.

This is w00t on an epic scale.

LEGO Recharge Station

I'm a comparatively light user of portable electronics - I have one DSLR, one iPod, and one mobile. Still, that's three things I have to remember to keep charged and ready. So, I build this recharge station! It is functional, compact, and acts a visual remind of what hasn't been charged yet.

3D Printer

Here's a cool project, as per the title, which functions as a 3D printer, using hot glue as the substrate.

What's nice is that it's so genuine... using any and every colour brick that Matt had to hand.

Nice work!


Dystopia in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

A city scape which, in contrast to LEGOs traditional colour schema, is subdued and dystopian.

Which is why it's on this site!


As the bad (and oft-used) pun says, this is about a leg. In LEGO.

As the URL says, a girl has built herself a prosthetic leg, using LEGO. An epic build, from an epically determined woman.



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