Is this the most pointless machine ever?


Nice idea. Very nice pun.

Here, as the URL suggests, is a plotter made from LEGO. It uses the image from the laptop, naturally, with a mindstorms kit under the, er, hood.

I'm just surprised he didn't try rendering the Mona Lisa.

Mindstorms Dragon

It's a dragon. In Mindstorms.

Called Valentine...

LEGO Phone case

If I link to them, will they send me a freebie??

8860 - Finished after 32 years

Maybe one of the reasons I love Lego is that I never had very much of it as a child. When everyone else got a space cruiser, I got the scout ship. If the new toy was a combine harvester, I got last years tractor. And so on. So it's no surprise that the 8860, the technic car chassis, was my geeklust. I was thankful for every present I got, but my parents couldn't afford it, so I did what my parents always said they did as children in this scenario – and go without!

LEGO Olympics

From Pocket-lint comes this creation of the Olympic park in London, for 2012. It demonstrates the fine detail that can be achieved with small bricks, making fine shapes.

LEGO Punk does LEGO Punk

If you've ever wondered want LEGO Punk looks like in action, then the video from last years BACON conference is now available.

Please go, view, review, and visit this year!


LEGO Horse

In honour of Tesco, here's a free-standing model of a cow :)

Serenity - Entire ship set

Following with the, unintentional, theme here's a complete model of the ship from the seminal Firefly series. There's also some interesting comments from the builder on his process.


Fifth Element set

This is a much larger diorama than it looks, and as the entire set of Fifth Element is a novel approach to the idea.



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