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Welcome to LEGO Punk

So this is it!

First there was cyberpunk. Then steampunk. And now LEGO Punk!

This blog will collect all the cool, funky, odd and weird things that have been made from LEGO. From portraits and sculptures, to keyrings, robots and office furniture. If it's made from (or is about) LEGO, and makes me smile and nod my head with approval, then it is accepted. Suggestions and links should be sent to me here at

Any site that professes to be about LEGO must have a logo made from LEGO. That's a given. So I built this for use on the site. I may change it later, but feel it's a good first step.

The word LEGO is capitalized, as is the standard nomenclature, and written in a simple, blocky, font representative of the pieces themselves.

Punk, on the other hand, is built using components from the pneumatic, space, and technic sets. Each letter has it's own style, and look. Just like punk should. Alas, I couldn't justify the use of the punk staple fashion accessory - a safety pin!

(Although I never did understand why the punks and their doctrine of hell-for-leather, take-no-prisoners, living-on-the-edge anarchy wanted to use safety pins!)