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London AFOL

For some reason, LEGO has always been appealing.

And, since I was 16, so has good beer.

But it took until this week before I was able to combine the two by meeting other AFOLs. In a pub. In London!

This was a cosy meet-up of around 20 people, held in one of my favourite London pubs. I arrived slightly after the advertised start time of 6pm, to find a monorail sprawling over the entire table, and various pieces of town furniture adorning the track. Richard, the host, was excellent at leading the introductions and the group itself was very welcoming to newcomers. There was no bitterness of stealing bricks (that I saw), people helped out in located those special (hard to find) bricks, and everyone was encouraging of the models built... even my non-round roundel!

I also managed a KFC sign.

Even the size of the models we built doesn't do justice to the many boxes of LEGO that looked virtually untouched as we surveyed our collective brilliance.

Oh, and there was a raffle, too.

Join the group!

In writing this I hope that the group know much I appreciate its existence and their openness, how much I'm looking forward to the next one, and maybe it will tempt a few new fans to the pub next month. In fact, I hope it attracts a _lot_ of new fans, so the upstairs room will stay open past 9pm so we can build (and drink) more!

p.s. The NSA don't need spy satellites - just put a group of LEGO builders in a room... they can spot at black 1x2 flat smooth brick at 50 paces!

In the dark.