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Lego Millennium Falcon, at Minifig-scale

The key thing to note, here, is that all of the previous Falcon's where not truly to scale. Either the cockpit couldn't hold the minifigs properly, or the circumstance was reduced to compensate. Here it's been done properly.

And yes, I'm jealous!

BTW, there's 10,000 pieces in there so if you're still wondering what Christmas present to send me, consider this post as a clue...

LEGO Lady Ada Lovelace

Nuff said...

LEGO Olympians


Happy Towel Day - Geek Pride Day

In honour of this wonderful day...

(no affiliation)

Let it be

A different type of LEGO album cover today, i.e. not a mosiac, but some dressed up minifigs.

There is also a version of Lennon's "Two virgins" cover if you prefer dressed down minifigs. But I'll that image as an exercise for the reader!


Carry case

Very corporate, but it reminds me of the Darth Vader carry case you used to be able to get to hold your Star Wars figures. (Although I could never afford one.) This looks like it should be suitable to transport a (small) amount of LEGO

Also, note the suitcases in the background!


Minifig mould

If bricks aren't your thing, then you can always create an ice cube/jelly/chocolate shaped like the LEGO mini-fig.

I prefer this one. But only because it's bigger!

Keylight chain

Granted, a little more corporate than usual, but the first shot of this I saw had the minifig lying down on his stomach, with a screwdriving opening a panel in his back for the battery. That was enough to warrant its inclusion.

Wrapping up warm, dear mini-fig

I remember when I used to take the mickey out of people who knitted coats for their dogs...

.. oh yes, I did it yesterday.

I suppose I should start calling myself 'pot' or 'kettle', then!

Soylent Green is... no... wait...

I have but one more photograph of that damn tree to come! But in the mean time, let's change track entirely for a picture that has nothing to do with anything. It's simply a collection of minifigs on a board.




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