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LEGO Ukulele - and yes, it plays

This one gives me (and by extension, you) more confidence that it really plays... there's an MP3 on the page, and Mr Brickley talks about how he ensured the neck had enough strength to hold the tension, and which alternate tunings were necessary to do it. I particularly like the tuning head, which is why I've featured it here, but the body itself is worth checking on the page:


This instrument, from the Arvo brothers, is apparently playable. Nice one!

LEGO violin

This is the image I would have posted on Friday, had the little man not distracted me!

There's several more color-uniform violins on the web, but the eclecic colouring of this really appealed. Ben's also created some really nice (and simple) tuning pegs, and added strings. I doubt there's enough tension in the neck to play the instrument (see the Harpsichord for details on how difficult this is) but it's a nice piece, regardless.

Man with violin

Originally, I was going to show of a wonderfully intricate LEGO violin today - in honour of my fiddle-playing friend Fran (who puts the sexy into taxonomy ;)

But instead, I spotted this maxi-fig type of character. Ok - the violin looks more like a broom, but I like the stance.

Full Harpsichord, that plays


Oh, yeah - really!

Henry Lim has done some masterful LEGO work in the past, but this opus is his most unbelievable. Two years in the making, and fully playable (MP3 available on the link) this is one of best instruments you'll probably ever see made from LEGO.

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