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LEGO Pachinko

Here's a model of a simple Pachinko game that works.

(But only if you put the cog in face down!)

Flappy Bird in LEGO

I didn't have many bricks left.. and certainly not enough orange ones.. so instead of not doing something, I decided to build Flappy Bird, and be damned if anyone complains!


From the same Brickfest event as yesterday's offering,

And nothing to do with the hollywood film.

Although this model is probably a better actor than Rihanna ;)

LEGO Monopoly

While the chance and colour bands are suitably graphic, the stylized iconography might make this too difficult to play without a guide book.

Maybe there should be a LEGO-specific version where Mayfair become NXT, and Park Lane is (original) Mindstorm, for example?

Donkey Kong - Stop motion

A charming, if simplistic, animation of this classic Nintendo computer game.

Skull man - but not what you expect

Or maybe it is what you expect!

Those following the anatomy theme this week, might expect a man shaped like a human skull. Or a skull shaped like a man.

Those that know of my computer gaming background might have guess of the character from (the stunning game) Megaman.

It is the latter.

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Lego stop motion

How does anyone find the time to be this cool?

Angry Birds

And they're even in LEGO. This incredibly popular and pervasive game seems to get everywhere...

...and I haven't yet played it. (But I did play 'Crush the Castle', does that count? ;)

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