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The vexed of vexology might enjoy this flag more - Canada - created as a mosaic of flowers. A nice change...


Mosaic Lamps

Two magic words in one - a traditional LEGO mosiac, but this time it's built in translucent bricks.

This let's you stick a light source behind it to make a rather nice lamp.

And, as a games developer myself, he gets bonus points for using computer game characters. Alas... they're not from any of my games! :)

LEGO Jigsaw

Finally! Someone has found a way of making the LEGO mosiacs a bit more, well, interactive.

And their solution is to make a jigsaw. If you want to see what it becomes, click the link below. (I've had to shorten it, to hide the reveal, you have my word that you won't get rickrolled!)


A tub of margarine. A pub in Aberdeen.

So, guess what I'm listening to, today!?

Dark side of the moon

A stunning album, to start the week.

Although this is the LEGO version. Obviously...

Skull man - but not what you expect

Or maybe it is what you expect!

Those following the anatomy theme this week, might expect a man shaped like a human skull. Or a skull shaped like a man.

Those that know of my computer gaming background might have guess of the character from (the stunning game) Megaman.

It is the latter.

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