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Astronaut sculpture

The astronaut is just one of several large LEGO sculptures, featured on the page below. Since this week has had a (slight) space theme, it seemed only right to end it with this.


Darth Vader - Life size

I wasn't expecting to do anything so corporate as LEGO Star Wars[0], but I was impressed by the complexity of detail that shows up in this pic. When you have an all black model, trying to show texture is difficult. The picture could be sharper, granted, but it gives a good idea of the model.

[0] two massive corporate, un-punk, entities, formed into a third similar corporate entity!


That's no moon...

Following the spherical wonderment that was yesterday, I was pointed towards these ponderings about building a LEGO death star, which was in scale with mini-figs. Naturally, it can't be built, but the overly calculative numbers are geeky enough to be curiously interesting.

Man with laptop

This is me. Right now. Hacking on a computer, as the data centre that runs my company's entire business is offline with no ETA for its return.


Of course, the sculpture is by Nathan Sawaya, one of the masters of the art. So at least this provides a little respite for those without their beloved server, right now. (Hi Nick! Hi Damian!)

It's a me!!

There's a couple of reasons for including Mario as today's featuring LEGO Punk creation.

The first, is that it's been created with the aid of a 3D scanner. With 3D printers getting continued coverage everywhere, and me not having one (that's a hint, dear reader!) I thought one redress the balance and include a scanner.

Secondly, it's large enough of a thumbnail that I can easily see it in my 'images for LEGOPunk' folder!

LEGO Coke Can

It's more than life size, but also an impressive piece of cylindrical building, when you look at the detail in the can design that he's managed to capture.
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Inspired by the sculpted landscapes made from books, I found this much simpler version created from LEGO. I particularly like the smoothness of the waterfall.


Day 2 1/2


Day 2

Getting there..


St Pancras building

Can you tell what it is yet?

This is currently being build on the concourse at St Pancras station in London, England.



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