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This is how a magician builds LEGO...

A really simple trick, but very effective, and executed well. Even if I do say so, myself!

Impossible box

And finally, for this week of impossible possibilities we have a (rather old and famous) box. As always, being made from LEGO makes it easier to work out the method (hint: count the studs!), and harder to generator something of wonder.

But I think the submissions this week have excelled in both cases!

Thursday's illusion - stair long enough and you'll go crazy


We've done some fairly elaborate Escher (and Escher-inspired) work on the site before, and since this is turning into a week of impossible objects it would be wrong to omit his inspirational legacy.

The one I've chosen to represent this is a simple implementation of a forever decreasing staircase. It isn't the most elaborate model, for sure, but the site shows the (legitimate) touch-ups he did to the image (cropping, colour-adjusting) that so many people are unaware is necessary to present our creations in a good light.


That's unpossible!

Look closely at this one, otherwise you might miss it! Elegant and simple. And impossible!

More impossible

Yesterdays impossible triangle was intended as a casual joke to start the week... but it good a lot of good responses. Especially from those used to my normal haverings on Facebook. Therefore, I have decided to run a theme this week with impossible objects. And because this is 'LEGO Punk', and not 'Other stuff Punk', those objects shall be made from LEGO.

Although, because they're impossible objects, the 'made' tag may be suspect in a few cases.

But see what you can explain...

Monday morning

And this is what it feels like trying to convince my body to get out of bed...

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