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star wars

X-Wing - Full-size

Once you've got over the shock of the size of this thing (5,335,200 bricks) you mind begins to wander and think about the transportation, the break-down, the internal structure, and so on.

It's also inspired that he decide to build a large version of the LEGO model, and not the design of the original X-wing.

It's the start of LEGO diarama week :)

Yes it's LEGO.

Yes it's Star Wars.

And the sheer scale of the model, with all the minifigs so astutely placed is a great way to start the week.

There's a lot of more details shots here:

R2D2 - Remote control

With all those meta tags, you know this is going to be good. And with a Star Wars connection, I'm sure of lots of extra visitors :)

In truth, I'm more impressed by the model, than the robotic element. It must be a heavy model, so it moves far to slowly to be impressive, but this is offset by the attention to detail and rather accurate ratios.

Also, there was an RC-R2D2 with inbuilt DVD player I saw many years ago. Maybe that's his next step...

That's no moon...

Following the spherical wonderment that was yesterday, I was pointed towards these ponderings about building a LEGO death star, which was in scale with mini-figs. Naturally, it can't be built, but the overly calculative numbers are geeky enough to be curiously interesting.

Life-size Star Wars characters

Ok - so I know this is a few years old now. And I know it's the second Star Wars-related posted in a week. But there's something about full-scale LEGO models that has to be admired.

Granted, this one is little more professionally than we like on 'LEGO Punk' but it's inspirational none the less.

Docking bay 94

In a word, "Wow!"

While most of us might consider building a small version of the Millennium Falcon about the size of your palm, here we have the whole thing. And the rest of Mos Eisley, to boot.

The attention to detail is fantastic, and if I ever get around to remaking the Star Wars saga in LEGO, this is the first chap I'm going to track down!

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