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LEGO Rover

If you don't have enough money to buy Mindstorms, then take heart... and take an Arduino out of its box, instead!

This project uses an Arduino and a couple of standard controllers to give you a cheap version of a Mindstorms robot.

Is this the most pointless machine ever?

Domino laying machine

It's simple, and it only works in straight lines, but it should be inspiring enough for someone to build a much larger version that can do much more.

Knitting machine

With all the possible components with which to build a automata, and all the problem domains, the last one we'd have though to get the treatment would be knitting.

But, no!

Someone's gone and built a LEGO knitting machine. For real...

The Most Useless Machines Ever

It's Tuesday. And after Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF!

Ok - so it's an old joke. But it's the only justification I can find for showing you the most useless thing ever, on Tuesday.

It's a machine that, when you switch it on, goes and switches itself off!


Bubble gum machine

It's a gentle start to the week, this week, and so here's one of many LEGO-built sweet machines you can find around teh interwebz. This gets my pick of the day simply because the build took some effort to find matching bricks for the housing! And because there's a coin slot which (sorta) works. It's not a complex mechanism, but it provides a elementary level of security.

Of course, nothing stops you from taking the top off.

Mmmmm... maybe they should combine it with a puzzle box!

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