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Gingerbread house - Brick by brick

Another one of my stop-motion pieces. This one was a bit more adventurous by my moving the model around while building it.


Brick-by-brick : Building a tractor

Here's an epic LEGO stop-motion film - even if I do say so myself!

Instead of the usual '1 frame per second' you get with the speed builds, et al, these images were taken manually - one picture for every new brick added. And since there's just over 350 pieces to make this model, that means there's 350+ pictures taken.

Well.... it was a bank holiday... what did you expect people to do? See family?

Casino Royale Movie

When it comes to re-creating classic movies, Star Wars is the obvious one that springs to mind. Which makes it more interesting/impressive/strange that someone would go for the Bond film, Casino Royale.

At least their effort wasn't wasted on something like Die Another Day...

Donkey Kong - Stop motion

A charming, if simplistic, animation of this classic Nintendo computer game.

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