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Film Processing

Automation is good, but modern.

Film photography is good, by old.

So here's someone that's combined the two, to handle film processing.

LEGO Persistence of Vision

The human visual system has many interesting quirks. One of the best known is that of 'Persistence of vision'. This is where you're still able to see something in a given position, even though it's no longer there. TV and films rely on this to create the illusion of continuous motion, even though it's a series of still images. This wand uses the same idea, by moving the LEDs across your field of view they appear to build a floating image in the air. You can reprogram the image to be anything you like.


If you're reading the URL, you already know what's coming. Basically (and I used that term advisedly; there's nothing basic about this model) it's a fully working version of the beloved CGi robot. The arms and head retract. It moves around. And looks cute.

After seeing this, I know we're another step closing to building a LEGO report capable of fetching us a beer from the fridge :)

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