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LEGO Tori Amos

Portraits and sculptures are large sub-genre in the LEGOPunk scene, and have become more accessible in recent years. In fact, LEGO themselves have started to sell kits that do all the heavy lifting for you. In the former category is a portrait from the web many years ago (/me does research, 2001 actually) of singer Tori Amos. Ok, so you have to stand well back. And squint. And have an imagination. But it does work. And it uses fewer bricks than Eric Harshbarger's creations so is well within reach.

There's also created a tutorial on how to make them yourselves.

Skull man - but not what you expect

Or maybe it is what you expect!

Those following the anatomy theme this week, might expect a man shaped like a human skull. Or a skull shaped like a man.

Those that know of my computer gaming background might have guess of the character from (the stunning game) Megaman.

It is the latter.

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Simple Portrait

Sometimes you see something and think "that'll make a quick hack". This week it was the turn of Andrea's portrait. Now, I have no idea who he (she?) is, but they're a friend-of-a-friend on Facebook. And their profile picture is an 8-bit graphic. And 8-bit graphics just scream "make me in LEGO". So I did.

I haven't yet heard back to know whether they find it stalker-ish, weird, or enjoyable.

I hope it's the latter.

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