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LEGO Snow Globe - 5

So, to follow-up on the previous post of the Gherkin, here's a close-up of the detail. Most modellers will understand how to make curves with bricks, but for those that don't, this image should help you learn by example.

And by 'example', we mean 'copy' :)

LEGO Snow Globe - 4

My favourite of mine from the snow globe - the gherkin. (Bonus points for knowing it's real name. i.e. its address. And secondary bonus points for knowing who took me out for hot chocolate to the cafe at the top :)

My preference for this is simple - it uses mostly traditional bricks to create the curves, and does it very well. (OK, it could have been more transparent, but that's forgivable.)

LEGO Snow Globe - 3

One of London's modern icons, the Millennium Wheel. (Although it's annoying how the owners continually claim copyright on an object clearly visible from the public highway!)

As always, attention to detail and repetitive structure make this a hypnotic piece of LEGO building.

LEGO Snow Globe - 2

So, just before I launch into an entire week of close-ups, I thought I should give you (at least) one shot of the whole globe.

And this is it.

Tomorrow - back to the LEGO! :)


LEGO Snow Globe

Instead of an advent calendar, this year sees London being invaded by a series of snow globes! They've appeared randomly around the capital. One currently envelopes Anteros (the statue normally, and incorrectly, labelled as Eros). And one envelopes various LEGO miniatures of London.

Here's the first image in the series, Buckingham Palace.

All these were built by Duncan Titmarsh, who also built the LEGO Christmas Tree at St Pancras last year.

LEGO Tube Map

And by 'tube', I meant 'London Underground', of course. The best city in the world... suffering the worst transport problems in the developed world. (If you want to know how awful it is, just consider the train drivers who - while accepting a job that earns them significantly above average wage - decide to go on strike for more money.)

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