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Raspberry Pi case

This is my Raspberry Pi case. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My Raspberry Pi case is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My Raspberry Pi, without me, is useless. Without my Raspberry Pi, I am useless. I must hack my Raspberry Pi true. I must code with fewer bugs than my enemy who is trying to 0wn me. I must hack him before he hacks me. I will...

Raspberry Pi "super" computer with LEGO case

Everybody else is promoting this, so why can't we?

Donkey Kong - Stop motion

A charming, if simplistic, animation of this classic Nintendo computer game.

Man with laptop

This is me. Right now. Hacking on a computer, as the data centre that runs my company's entire business is offline with no ETA for its return.


Of course, the sculpture is by Nathan Sawaya, one of the masters of the art. So at least this provides a little respite for those without their beloved server, right now. (Hi Nick! Hi Damian!)

Computer Case

LEGO cases aren't that uncommon, TBH, but this one doesn't exist. Yet. And the machine itself is still in production - well, it might exist in the real world, but a $25 PC seems such good value, I'm not surprised it's taking a while to appear.

So I'm including this as a personal power trip in the hope that by doing so, those nice Raspberry Pi people will send me a device :)


Skull man - but not what you expect

Or maybe it is what you expect!

Those following the anatomy theme this week, might expect a man shaped like a human skull. Or a skull shaped like a man.

Those that know of my computer gaming background might have guess of the character from (the stunning game) Megaman.

It is the latter.

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Mini scaled computer

I really like the small scale LEGO models. The inventedness and elegance of how a couple of bricks can be transformed into something so uniquely difference is a beauty to behold.

(My, that was a pretenous sentance!)

Let's just say, instead, that this computer is kinda cute.

(source material, which has nothing to do with LEGO, alas)

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